Inflight Sales Person of the Year

Once the decision had been to take ISPY on tour, we knew we had to literally throw everything at ISPY2016 and make it the standard bearer for all of the regional events, which were to follow.
External guest speakers were booked, a luxurious and convenient venue was reserved and all aspects of the programme (learning and social) were pushed to be the best they can be. The result? From what our guests are telling us, ISPY2016 was the simply the best ever!
May we take this opportunity to say congratulations to all of the World’s Greatest Selling Cabin Crew, and of course especially those who received a medal or who won an award.
We hope that you enjoy looking through the photos in the Gallery and that they bring back many happy memories.
At the beginning of the week, we promised you ‘a life changing week that would provide you with memories and friends that would last a lifetime’, we hope that we have fulfilled our promise.
Many thanks to everyone for their contribution to making ISPY2016 such an amazing success.
Team ISPY2016

ISPY2016 Winners

Overall Inflight Sales Person of the Year Award

Gold Medalist

Janet Wong, Cathay Pacific Airways

Silver Medalist

Richard John Mungcal, Jetstar Asia

Bronze Medalist

Jenny Cheung, Dragonair

Overall Inflight Sales People of the Year Team Award

Gold Medalists

Janet Wong &  Jack Yip

Airline: Cathay Pacific Airways

Silver Medalists

Richard John Mungcal & Estelle Lim Jun Yan

Airline: Jetstar Asia

Bronze Medalists

Katinka Bajusz & Kevin Markowicz

Airline: Wizzair

ISPY2016 Airline of the Year Award

Hong Kong Airlines


Most Improved Airline

Corendon Airlines

Most Potential Award

Hugo Phaneuf, Air Canada

ISPY2016 Lifetime Achievement Award

Markus Stauss, Coty

Best Gift Product at Show Award

Name of winning product: Ógon Stockholm Aluminium Wallet

Company name: Blue Storks

Arnaud Fauvarque and Frederik Westelinck

Best Buy On Board Product at Show Award

Name of winning product: Waypoint Coffee

Company name: STM Brands

STM Challenge Award

Airline: Virgin Atlantic Airways

Act of Kindness

Tianyu Zhai

Airline: Hainan Airlines

ISPY Charm Award

Aimee Russell

Airline: Virgin Atlantic Airways


Emotionally Intelligent Team Award

Bronze Medalists

Mira Hämäläinen-Iho & Suvi Saarela

Airline: Finnair

Silver Medalists

Jun Yoshikawa & Henry Yu

Airline: Dragonair

Gold Medalists

Aimee Russell & Graham Payne

Airline: Virgin Atlantic Airways


Product Knowledge Team Award

Bronze Medalists

Cherrie Wong Chu Ting & Michelle Lew

Airline: Singapore Airlines

Silver Medalists

Bianca Bodan & Vladut Radu

Airline: Wizzair

Gold Medalists

Kevin Nguyen & Lucia Yeung

Airline: Cathay Pacific Airways

Product Merchandising Team Award

Bronze Medalists

Mark Marrazza & Mariluz Gutierrez

Airline: Air Canada

Silver Medalists

Oscar Cheng Chi Kit & Minerva Tam Wai Na

Airline: Hong Kong Airlines

Gold Medalists

Sabin Seung Ah Kang & Dana Eunyoung Lee

Airline: Finnair

Sales as a Service PA Team Award

Bronze Medalists

Pedro Ortiz & Maria Penabad

Airline: Vueling

Silver Medalists

Martin Pilon & Stephanie Juneau

Airline: Air Canada

Gold Medalists

Jenny Cheung & Kaman Kwok

Airline: Dragonair

Sales as a Service Team Award

Bronze Medalists

Lucas Chiew Yeng Lun & Michelle Lew Chiew Lim

Airline: AirAsia X

Silver Medalists

Megan Ng & Michael Wong

Airline: Hong Kong Express

Gold Medalists

Anna Stola & Mihails Inutins

Airline: airBaltic

Hello and welcome to the amazing and unique world that we call ISPY!

ISPY stands for ‘Inflight Sales Person of the Year’ as well as ‘driving standards through education and motivation’. People attend ISPY to learn, share information; showcase best practice, network and celebrate excellence within Inflight Retail.

ISPY2016 is going to be very special, as we will be celebrating our 15th birthday at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel. London Heathrow Airport. UK.

ISPY is an annual four day event for all Inflight Retail stakeholders groups such as,

  • The world’s greatest selling cabin crew
  • Crew training & performance management
  • Inflight retail buyers
  • Concessionaires
  • Suppliers
  • Media

The world’s greatest selling crew are trained and assessed in order to compete for the title of ‘Inflight Sales Person of the Year’.

Airline’s can compete for the title of ISPY Airline of the Year

Crew training and performance managers & Concessionaires can sit in and observe the crew training and assessments, as well as attend many workshops specific to their interests. The Airline information tab at the top of the page will reveal a drop down menu. All information relating to airline participation resides there.

Inflight retail buyers & suppliers are invited to attend the last two days of ISPY, which features the trade show, networking, workshops and STM Challenge.

Members of the press may attend throughout.

The ISPY2016 programme starts on Sunday 24th January 2016 and concludes on Thursday 28th with the spectacular ISPY Gala Awards.

There is a full social programme to ensure that the work / fun balance is just right!

To access much of the information relating to airline, supplier & concessionaire participation (Downloads) you will need to register first.

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